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EMOTIONS by Angelo Seminara

Angelo Seminara is the epitome of the visionary hairdresser. He has set the bar high, revealing new and inspiring perspectives with his “Emotions” collection. Luxury and the incredible power of nature, united. Collaboration, Great Lengths and Seminara. A luxury that will stir EMOTIONS.  

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Angelo Seminara - „EMOTIONS Great Woman 2017“

Great Woman 2017 - Making Of...

Feeling alive. Room for change and surprises.

Life means CHANGE means ENERGY means FEELING.

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Great Woman 2017 - Great Lengths


Angelo Seminara is one of the most creative hair designers of our time. One key to his success: “I work hard with great dedication. I’m a perfectionist, putting my heart and soul into everything I do.”  
Great Lengths is beginning a new, top-class collaboration with this creative genius and three-time winner of British Hairdresser of the Year.

The collaboration of Angelo Seminara and Great Lengths started in 2015. The result is a brilliant profession of love.

Angelo Seminara - „hair for me is everything“

Great Woman 2016 - Making Of...


We are proud of our hair.
And we love it, because the impossible is made possible.

Incredible looks for every woman.

No Limits. Pure joy.

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Hairstyle trends 2016 - Great Lengths - Great Woman 2016

Great Woman 2015 - Making Of...

Mysterious, wild, playful or neatly placed?
Great Woman can appear in all diversity.
Curious about more “hair”?

Get inspired.

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Hairstyles 2015 - Great Lengths - Great Woman 2015

Great Lengths systems - MULTISONIC

MULTISONIC - The future of applying extensions

Great Lengths has revolutionized the application of extensions with ultrasound.

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MULTISONIC - the science of hair extensions