ULTRASONIC touch ...

... the innovation of the year!


You will love it!

The ultrasonic technology is the non-plus-ultra in the hair extension industry. This means invisible points of attachment, best wearing comfort and high protection of the hair. Since years the ULTRASONIC is thus one of the most popular systems of our partners.
And as of now there is the latest update of this technology: the ULTRASONIC touch.

ULTRASONIC touch screen (© Great Lengths)

Activation time of 1.2 seconds

The shorter the activation time, the faster you can work. We have made it through sophisticated digital technology to make activation even faster: it is now just 1.2 seconds.

Touchscreen for your personal settings

This makes handling even easier, because all the personal settings can be entered very easily via the touchscreen. The device can thus also be personalized. And the number of applications is counted automatically at the same time in order to have a better overview.

For up to 10,000 applications

The absolute revolution is the new coating of the iron. Thanks to the Xtrem coating technology with totally new materials, the durability has been extremely extended. Up to 10,000 applications are possible now without having to change the iron.

The absolute revolution is the new coating of the iron. (© Great Lengths)

ULTRASONIC touch - the innovation of the year

In nine absolutely new colors

And the new ULTRASONIC touch will come in the color of your choice. You have nine trendy possibilities: VIOLET, PINK, ARCTIC-BLUE, BLACK, WHITE, SILVER, AZUR-BLUE, GREY or PRIME.