Multisonic - Appraisal (© Great Lengths)


Commissioner: Great Lengths Haarvertriebs GmbH
Parkring 9
8083 St. Stefan i. R.

Date of commission: March 27, 2012
Commission no.: 180
Appointed commission: Prof. Univ. Dipl. Ing. Dr. N. Leitgeb, Ing. R. Neubauer

1. Assignment
The research is based on the effects of extensions on hair structure using the Multisonic ultrasound system.

2. General info
The application of extensions consists in applying extension strands to client’s hair using a thermoplastic adhesive (bonding). The bonding, which is made of keratin or nylon, needs to be heated at high temperatures. The bonding liquefies and when it cools down creates a very strong union or bond.
Ultrasound is a high frequency acoustic eave (mote than 20 kHz), which cannot be heard. This creates pressure on the particles and creates energy; part of this kinetic energy creates heat and therefore melts the boning material without conducting heat. In order to apply Great Lengths’ extensions a tool with the form of tweezers is used; one side of the tool is the converter that produces ultrasound vibrations that penetrate in the material and the other side (passive) is used to squeeze the bonding into the strands.

Appraisal of Prof. Univ. Dipl. Ing. Dr. N. Leitgeb, Ing. R. Neubauer (© Great Lengths)

Multisonic with Multitweezer (© Great Lengths)

3. Object
The object of the research was Great Lengths’ ultrasound bonding machine, series number 00676, with the Multitweezer, which allows applying 5 strands at a time to real hair (image 1). The strands of real hair are inserted into one side of the Multitweezer (passive), after being activated, the tweezers close creating ultrasound waves and therefore melting the bonding.
The timing of the closure of the Multitweezers may be set starting from 0,1 to 5 degrees. Adhesion is guaranteed with the closure of the tweezers. Single strands may also be applied using the tool Single Tweezers and it is done manually.

4. Research
Research on the influence of extensions on hair was done with the Multi Tweezer because this application is done automatically. Five different tests were conducted on treatments with ultrasound: grade 1, grade 2, grade 3, grade 4, and grade 5.

4.1 Locating heat distribution of the applicator
In order to locate the qualitative heat distribution of the tweezers an infrared camera was put in the “active” tweezer. The result is that the sides of the bonds were heated more than the center of the bonds.
Thermal elements were also inserted into 3 of the 5 bonds to measure the quantitative heat. The temperature was localized 5 times during the bonding process with five different settings (1s, 2s, 3s, 4s, 5s).

Conclusion: Multisonic hair extension is gentle on your hair (© Great Lengths)

The application of extensions with Great Lengths MULTISONIC ultrasound system allows creating union between real hair and hair strands with ultrasound treatment up to 5 seconds.
The heat measurements are moderated values.
Research carried out on bonding has proven that the application process of extensions respects clients’ hair.