Multisonics - ultrasound system

MULTISONIC - The future of applying extensions is with ultrasound

Great Lengths has revolutionized the application of extensions with ultrasound. Instead of rolling the bond as is done when applying extension with the heat method, our ultrasound method allows creating flat bonds.

Your extensions will be even more natural with flat bonds and the process used to create them with MULTISONIC. Your extensions and your real hair will become one with great comfort.

Multisonic - ultrasound system (© Great Lengths)

MULTISONIC for Great Lengths extensions

The MULTISONIC ultrasound system is a step ahead because it offers ultrasound technology and has a series of advantages:

  • Fast application because of its multiple system. With one application you may apply up to 10 strands.
  • Ultrasound delicate for your hair and the strands
  • Fit bonds almost invisible and easy to remove
  • Safe, long lasting applications