The perfect bond with systems by Great Lengths



The latest update of the ultrasonic technology of Great Lengths.

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Very flat bonds - very delicate application (© Great Lengths)

Ultrasound system

Since the year 2000 a revolution in the modern hair extension and densification.

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Achieve perfect bonds, gentle on hair, using ultrasonic technologies with Great Lengths systems - or with tape-in hair extensions without any form of extern unit.

Plus the very fast and flexible Tape-in Hair Extensions:

MULTISONIC (© Great Lengths)

- fast and precise

With one application you may apply up to 10 strands.

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Classic system by Great Lengths (© Great Lengths)

Classic system -
warmly recommended

With the Classic system you use a delicate heat method.

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Perfect extensions demand a perfect bond system. It must meet three key criteria: The bond must not be visible. The process must not harm the natural hair or the hair extensions. And the bond should of course also be removable.

No fusing, no crimping or knots!

Great Lengths developed a revolutionary bond system which pays particular attention to the character of hair. The process activates the bond attached to the real hair extension, fusing it with the natural hair. This process is particularly gentle on the natural hair as well as the hair extensions.