HAIR LIKE YOU (© Great Lengths)

100% real hair from India

100% of our Remy quality raw hair comes from India.

Perfect hair extensions require high-quality strands of real hair. Great Lengths therefore only uses top quality raw hair – with cuticles intact and manually selected to have the same direction.

European hair is typically only available in very small quantities. In addition, it’s usually been chemically treated and is therefore not suitable for high-quality extensions.

African or Chinese hair does not match the texture of European hair.

Due to the same genetic ancestry, Indian hair best matches the basic texture of European hair. We therefore only obtain our raw hair from India.

To be able to produce top quality extensions, here at Great Lengths we pay close attention to two characteristics of the raw hair:

  • First, the cuticles must be completely intact so the extensions can develop their shine entirely naturally.
  • Secondly, the hair must be Remy quality, so supplied sorted in the same direction to protect the cuticles and prevent tangling.