Two toned strands: two colors in one strand (© Great Lengths)

Two toned strands: two colors on one strand

Two toned strands - two colors in one strand (© Great Lengths)

Cutting edge hair color! Combining two different colors in one strand allows for elegant but thrilling effects. Exciting contrasts are gaining popularity! Here streak effects never seem blocky. They naturally blend in with the hair.
Great Lengths now offers various color combinations as ready to use strands. The newest creations: Ash blond combined with pastel purple and ash blond with pastel indigo.

Your custom two-toned strand!
If you’re looking for a color combination Great Lengths doesn’t offer yet as standard two-toned strands: not a problem! Simply ask your hairdresser. They can either create the combination themselves or order your custom two-toned strand from Great Lengths.

Color selection

The crème de la crème in streaks 2 colors on one strand mixed perfectly so the effect never looks blocky.

Select from our ready-made selection of colors or, if you prefer, have the hair combined by one of our partner hairdressers.

Combinations of colors prepared for you - in 40 cm length

Color No. 59 with fashion indigo

Color No. 59 with pastel lilac

Color No. 08 with color No. 19

Color No. 08 with color No. 10

Color No. 07 with color No. 09

Two tone strands: combinations of colors (© Great Lengths)