Special length - divine hair (© Great Lengths)

Special Lengths:
Divine hair in lengths up to 80 cm!

The high-quality real hair strands by Great Lengths are available in 5 different lengths: from 20 - 60 cm. But that’s not all!

For the long hairstyle of your life, for the breathtaking mane to turn heads, for hair only destined for goddesses: for all of these we also produce special lengths of up to 80 cm here at Great Lengths. Ask your hairdresser. They will gladly advise you!

“Our extensions give women something incredible! Breathtaking, beautiful hair to  instantly catch your breath at a glance! We turn women into goddesses!“

This is the precise feeling Anita Lafer, Managing Director at Great Lengths Austria, was trying to impart with the new image campaign.

Great Lengths offers precious extensions in 5 lengths, from 20cm to 80cm. (© Great Lengths)