ROOTED strands - dark roots, blonde hair (© Great Lengths)

ROOTED: from taboo to trend!

Not long ago dark roots in blonde hair were taboo! Unless, of course, you were Madonna – or a small child with natural, sun-kissed hair. Dark roots then were an indication that you did not have time and/or money to go to the hairdresser’s. Then the so-called street styles came in and the first bold fashionistas and bloggers turned the taboo into a trend.
Meanwhile dark hair roots are absolutely cool, and of course available from Great Lengths: 3 cm of the roots are dark shades and then switch to various blonde shades.

We offer ROOTED real hair strands in best quality in 40 cm length and in the colors 03/84, 67/24, 67/84 and 68/23.

Always on trend
With ROOTED strands we continue the trend of always being on-trend. With FLOW strands we create the ombré look. With BRONDE strands you get the sun-kissed effects of the balayage hair painting technique. Now we are introducing our ROOTED strands.

GL Tapes Rooted Short Look

ROOTED strands in the length 40 cm, available from our Great Lengths partners >>