Structure and thickness of strands (© Great Lengths)

Strand textures and thicknesses: So it truly fits!

The selection of colors and lengths of Great Lengths strands is already brilliant. But in addition, the texture and thickness of the real hair strands also need to precisely match your natural hair! Great Lengths therefore also offers lots of options in this respect.

Strand textures

Select from four different strand textures:

  • Straight (with a slight natural wave)

  • Wavy I (light perm)

  • Wavy II (strong perm)

  • Curly (strong perm curls)

Strand thickness

Our standard program features 3 strand thicknesses:

  • Standard

  • Fine

  • Extra fine

We also offer the “Customized” thickness. Meaning we adapt the thickness to your natural hair. For example we often receive requests for ultra fine strands. Not a problem! Simply ask your hairdresser.

Structure and thickness of strands (© Great Lengths)

Your natural hair is an important benchmark in choosing the thickness of the extensions. Your hairdresser will gladly advise you which strand thickness is fitting for you.

Also select the color you would like your hair extensions or hair thickening to have. Browse our galleries of strands.