Flowstrands - graded colored strands (© Great Lengths)

Graded colored strands: fascinating graded colors

You will notice that more and more famous celebrities use the sensational effects of graded colored strands (or flowstrands) to catch our attention. This is done by delicately and naturally processing hair by passing it in one tone of color to another for a dip-dyed or ombré effect, usually starting from the roots.
Great Lengths began this procedure some time ago. Our graded tones, whether from dark to light or vice versa, have become a great success.

New combinations with fashion colors!

In order to aim at fascinating graded colors Great Lengths also uses intense graded colors such as: blond with crazy red, crazy blue or lilac or brown with crazy blue, jewel red or copper.

Custom colors

Custom colors such as this wonderful special purple on our model Olga are custom created at our headquarters in Nepi near Rome.

New trend colors

New at Great Lengths and on-trend: Black to indigo, or black to silver.
Black running into soft silver or the slightly bolder indigo adds a special touch to your look.

Your imagination knows no limits. Create your personal eye-catcher and combine these trendy strands for wonderful effects.

black to indigo, black to silver

The color range of fascinating fluent transitions

Adding color to hair, a dream for all hairdressers - and what’s better than the opportunity to upgrade a look with color? Interesting trends with gradients are the new hit. Women in general have a lot more options today. Ever tried feathers with feather extensions?
We offer bright color gradients. Not only with natural gradients, the so-called ombré hair looks. Even from blond to gaudy - playful and young, or elegant and feminine. Color is an enhancement in the world of hairstyles. Your hairdresser will consult you. Our partners will gladly add color to your style.

Intense, colorful - strands with a real WOW factor

New combinations with fashion color shades!

In order to emphasize the appeal of the flow effect even more, Great Lengths now provides flow strands with bolder colors at the tips. Always an eye-catcher and always trendy.
Extensions are also available as GL Apps. The same quality, but significantly quicker to apply to your hair. Also available as flow strands. This year summer will again bring lots of wonderful colors. Why should it be different for hair? Be trendy - infinite hairstyles. Naturally, bright shades to go with them are a winner.