Crazy colored strands: Be self-confident (© Great Lengths)

Crazy colored strands: You’re daring!

This is intense! Loud! Cheeky! Truly crazy!
Whether yellow, purple, orange, blue or red. As long as it is colorful, crazy and different.

Bold colors where being natural doesn’t matter. This is about playing with spectacular contrasts and effects. An irresistible attraction at first sight.

Loud, stylish and powerful. Multi-faceted colors – perfect for different combinations. Simply crazy. Perfect for standing out. Expressing pure vitality and fun.

The imagination knows no limits. Create your individual combination and create wonderful effects. A true eye-catcher.

Perfect to spice up your hair extension - making it anything but boring.

Yellow, red, orange, purple, green, fuchsia, blue, dark orange:  Become a sensation and own it. You can have whatever you’d like! Your hairdresser can answer any queries!

Crazy colored strands (© Great Lengths)