BRONDE (© Great Lengths)

BRONDE strands: Sun-kissed hair

You can't decide between blond and brown? Then just have both, and you are fully in fashion. BRONDE is the new mix of blond and brown. For countless stars and starlets it's the color of choice. No wonder! The mixture of brown and blond creates a fascinating play of colors. The hair shines as if it had been kissed by the sun!

BRONDE in six color combinations

Great Lengths added the new trend at lightning speed, and now offers the own BRONDE strands. Note: Compared to the ombre effect the colors run much smoother and more fluid. And that makes Bronde strands so fantastic natural.

You will receive the new BRONDE strands from our partners in the length of 40 cm and in 6 color combinations: 1b / 05 - 03/84 - 05/08 - 06/24 - 63/23 - Original BRONDE.