Blorange all the rage for summer 2017 (© Great Lengths)

Blorange all the rage for summer 2017

There’s no doubt about it: Blorange is the color in trend for this summer! Enthusiasm began to build once the first stars and starlets began showing off their shining styles made up of a sensational mix of blonde and orange on Instagram.

Great Lengths involved right from the outset
It is logical for Great Lengths to be involved right from the outset when genuine trends emerge. Premium quality flowing strands in blood orange, grapefruit and mandarin are available now from Great Lengths’ partners. Length 40 cm.

The trend for all women!
What’s great about this new color mix is that it is absolutely perfect for so many women! A little bit of blonde, a little bit of orange combined with a delicate pastel shimmer; this is the perfect match in particular for fine and rather light complexions and bright eyes. Even women who are less likely to follow the latest trends will swear by this right from the very start!

From left to right: Colors blood orange, grapefruit, and mandarin. Length 40 cm, available from our Great Lengths Partners >>