A wide array of strands in all colors (© Great Lengths)

The largest selection of strands -
making your dreams come true!

Every woman has their own very individual wishes. That’s what makes a large choice extremely important. After all only this allows Great Lengths to ensure your hair dreams come true. No-holds-barred.
Take a little time and enjoy the blaze of color! And feel free to take a closer look. Did you know there also are flow strands? And two-tone strands? And did you know how great these special strands by Great Lengths look? Perfect hairstyle examples prove it!


Sparkling strands with real Swarovski! (© Great Lengths)

Sparkling strands

Oh to feel like a princess just once? Or even a queen? Our sparkling strands are perfect for very special occasions.

Graded colored strands (© Great Lengths)

Flow strands

Create fascinating transitions. Soft transitions from one color to the next. Whether in natural shades or bold colors.

The color variety!
Guaranteed to have the right thing for every woman: Great Lengths stocks all natural shades in the highest quality, from light to dark blonde, various shades of brown, red and of course black. The bold colors brilliantly ensure the perfect shade of hair and allow all hair extensions or thickening to shine in a new light.

Two toned strands: two colors in one strand (© Great Lengths)

Two toned strands

Our two-toned strands allow for elegant effects by combining two colors in one strand. Creating exciting combinations and great contrasts!

Long blond hair. Dreams come true. (© Great Lengths)

Special lengths

We offer an 80 cm special length
for a breathtaking long,
voluminous and simply divine hairdo.

Great Lengths not only offers a breathtaking selection of colors and lengths, but also a variety of textures for your dream head of hair. Real hair strands are further adapted to the thickness of your natural hair. So it will be virtually impossible to see a difference between your  natural hair and the extensions. Great Lengths provides the basis for perfect hair extensions or thickening. Browse our assortment of strands and find the matching color, length, thickness and texture for your hair extension.