Key to success (© Great Lengths)

Key to success

Long, flowing hair – an ideal of beauty of the western world exemplified by numerous female stars from the film and music industry.

Those who also want to make their dream of thicker or longer hair come true with hair extensions will find numerous suppliers by browsing the internet. After all there are lots of methods to artificially extend hair – but very few guarantee true hold, high comfort and the bond being invisible.

In addition, there are great differences in the quality of hair used – provided it’s even real hair, it often seems dull and flat after just a few washes and tends to tangle. 1992 can be considered the year high quality real hair strands were born.

Great Lengths developed at that date a unique method to gently remove color pigments from raw hair and then dye it just as gently. Even the method for combining the extension and the natural hair was revolutionary: The so-called bonds consist of polymer, which is similar to the structure of the natural hair and this paved the way to the first gentle system for hair thickening and hair extension.

Today, Great Lengths supplies mèches, the professional term for strands, in over 45 countries around the world, from Argentina to Canada, Germany, UK, the USA and Japan, all the way to South Africa.