The hair arrives in Italy (© Great Lengths)

The hair arrives in Italy

Up to four tons of raw hair arrives in Nepi, near Italy’s capital, from India every month. Here the hair undergoes very time consuming and elaborate processes, primarily by hand, to ensure hair is treated as gently as possible.

This requires specially trained employees for the hair bundles to become the extensions women around the world are delighted to have added to their hair.

Before immersing the hair in the osmosis bath for 10 to 20 days for depigmentation, workers sew each strand to white strips of fabric to ensure the cuticles of the hair all follow the same direction during subsequent production steps.

Info: No other genetic structure is as similar to European and North American hair as that of Indian hair. Asian hair, for example, is noticeably thicker. To modify it to the texture of our hair, the surface would need to be treated with acid. The consequence: The cuticles are destroyed; the natural shine as well as the elasticity and resilience are lost.

Indian raw hair (© Great Lengths)