Autumn/winter 2016/17, GUIDO MARIA KRETSCHMER BERLIN (© Meinwelt Photography)

Guido Maria Kretschmer Runway - RAY OF LIFE

Once again, one of the main attractions at the Berlin Fashion Week 2016 was the show by star designer Guido Maria Kretschmer. His inspiration for the new autumn/winter 2016/17 collection “RAY OF LIFE” was the ginkgo leaf. For centuries the Chinese and Japanese have been admiring the ginkgo for its vitality and promises of miracles. Even Goethe saw it as a special symbol of friendship and loyalty.

A symbol of strength, health and vital spirit
Guido Maria Kretschmer staged the ginkgo leaf as a print design on blouses and scarves, as a haptic element in woven fabric and even as hand embroidery on gowns. The symbol is to transfer the full power of the ginkgo leaf to the person wearing it.

Image copyright: Meinwelt Photography

Glamour for every day
The latest collection by Guido Maria Kretschmer only includes ladies’ tops and matching accessories such as scarves, shoes and bags. The collection turns wool & cashmere blends into flowy trousers. Emerald green cupro velvet and shimmery, black silk velvet are turned into glamorous, modern elements in form of blazers and ladies’ suits. Kretschmer uses the usual fashion to create looks with a wearable nonchalance still reminiscent of an elegant sense of style. Glamour is translated to everyday life. The cocktail and evening gowns uncompromisingly reflect the accentuated femininity as the brand’s mark.

Wonderful hair by Great Lengths
The colours for the new 2016/17 collection thrive on shades of black and green. Bright magenta skilfully creates highlights on the runway and guarantee a grand appearance in coats and blouses.
André Märtens created the ideal hairstyles in a beautiful red tone to match. Great Lengths supplied 30 m of high-quality hair tresses 50 cm long. Of course in the usual top quality.