Pearlgloss Styler (© Great Lengths)

creative styling and pearly shine

The Pearlgloss Styler is ideal for all types of hair and all creative styling techniques: modelling, separating, and accentuating single hair sections. Even hours after application, the hair stays wonderfully manageable. Vitamin B5 and Sorbitol strengthen and protect your hair and prevent the loss of moisture. Together, the substances make the hair easily manageable and reduce frizz. Light-reflecting crystals bestow additional shine and shimmer.

150 ml, without alcohol

Soft Finish Spray (© Great Lengths)

elastic hold for every styling

Softfinish Spray by Great Lengths is exactly what you need to give your styling that natural and vibrant look. With the right application, it also gives your hair more volume. The secret of the spray lies in its perfect mixture of high quality polymers. They give your hair stability in wind – and also in high humidity weather. They also support the silkiness and elasticity of the hair and make it easily manageable. Your styling holds extremely well without sticking or weighing down. A natural look with silky shine for a long time!

75 ml. Use in small doses.

Super Shine Spray (© Great Lengths)

more shine for your finish

Supershine Spray is the refining finish for those who want
more. Your styling is refined, certain hair sections are accentuated. Frizzy tips are smoothed. Dry hair is made silky and shiny. Supershine Spray prevents static charging.

50 ml, without alcohol. Use in small doses.