Everything you need to know about extensions (© Great Lengths)

How to get the look - step by step

The quality of hair extensions depends naturally on the skills of the hair stylist. That is why Great Lengths works exclusively with real professionals, who have gained their know-how in special training courses.
You receive professional advice in the salons of these exclusive Great Lengths partners and only there you can buy also our high-quality care products.

High-quality extensions by Great Lengths ony in certified partner salons.

Multisonics for Natalia

Gentle and fast. The ultrasound system MULTISONIC is the top system from Great Lengths. This allows both individual strands as well as complete sets with five strands to be applied at once.
The result: beautiful length, volume and color for Natalia's hair.

Extensions: 20 sets of strands in color 09 and 13
charming Flowstrands with color 27 (blond) to pastel pink and magenta
Thickness: Standard
Length: 40 cm

Hollywood for Djamila

The Hollywood-Extensions technology creates more volume in the sides, and the volume is better distributed over the entire head. On the upper back of the head there are no strands, thereby plaits or updos can be implemented much easier. Pure pleasure for Djamila.
Technology: ultrasound

Extensions: 100 Flowstrands (color 1b to color 05)
Thickness: Standard
Length: 45 cm

GL Apps for Cat

The best hair quality of Great Lengths, as usual. Combined with an extremely fast and simple application technique. Plus invisible bonds.
For these reasons, our GL Apps became a popular standard tool for innovative hairdressers within a short period of time.

Extensions: 10 GL Apps in colors 23 and 27,
10 GL Apps in pastel blue
Thickness: Standard
Length: 40 cm