What is luxury? Some say indulgent rather than necessary. We disagree. When luxury is within reach, it is necessary. Great Lengths is luxury in its purest form. Meticulously groomed for years so that it will be worthy of the Gods. Ceremonially procured from sacred Temples then gently transformed by highly skilled artisans who respect its journey, its state of preciousness. Bringing luxury into your world is our passion. Our obligation is to make outstanding products accessible to every woman through the talented professionals that are Great Lengths Certified Stylists.  
Luxury and the incredible power of nature, united . A luxury that will stir EMOTIONS.      


Creative Director: Angelo Seminara
Photographer: Andrew O ‘Toole
1st Photo Assistant: Al Habjan
Digital Operator: Terry Broadbent
Make Up Artist: Daniel Kolaric
Stylist: Niccolò Torelli
1st Hair Assistant: Yoko Setoyama
Model Marlies @Mika
Model Aliya @Avant
Model Mariana @Mandarina
Filmmaker: Alessandro Molinari
Producer: Sirma Newberry
Local Production: Republik
Location: Iceland
Text: H.P. Friedl
Graphic Design: Anita Schöberl, Joachim Haschek