STEFF Department Store Cooperation with Alex Moser (© Maximilian Salzer)

Hair artist Alex Moser creates

Hair artist Alex Moser creates "Gods and nymphs of the forest", by creating artistic displays, STEFFL Department Store already provides the sixth artist with the opportunity of a unique window display.

Elaborate avant-garde wigs inspired by long forgotten Biedermeier and Romantic period hair artistry, painstakingly fashioned by hand over months.

Long forgotten hair trade revived: Alex Moser shows elaborately fabricated wigs.

Gods and nymphs of the forest by Alex Moser  (© Maximilian Salzer)

"Gods and nymphs of the forest" - Making of

An almost forgotten 19th century hair artistry from the 19th outstandingly beamed to current times, Ultimate handcraft. One can only guess the effort and countless hours spent until the pieces of art were completed.

"The first foundation for the basic shape was fabricated with wire, covered in cotton cloth and glue, and finally dyed with hair dye. Only then was the real hair provided by Great Lengths, covering the basic shape." (STEFFL Department Stores press release)

Hair artist Alex Moser (© Maximilian Salzer)

Alex Moser is a hair stylist with many awards. Ten times he won the “Austrian Hairdressing Award”, including three awards in the “Avant-garde” category. In 2009 he was voted “Hairdresser of the Year” and inducted into the Schwarzkopf Hall of Fame. In 2011 he received the “Vienna Award for Fashion and Lifestyle” in the “Best Hairstyling” category. This makes him the highest paid Austrian hair artist. Alex Moser is a freelance hair stylist for photo shootings and international film and fashion productions. He further holds seminars and advanced training courses.