GL Apps: so smart

Fast, invisible, and the very best hair. GL Apps are the first smart extensions. At last there’s hair thickening and hair extensions as smart as many of the things that make our lives sharp, lively and easy.
"GL" stands, of course, for Great Lengths, and for the top quality that Great Lengths offers. "Apps" means Application. What do we mean by that? Quite simply: GL Apps are applied to your hair – without any form of external unit. Quickly, simply and invisibly.

GL Apps - smart hair extensions (© Great Lengths)

GL Apps

The first smart extensions

Fast and invisible: GL Apps (© Great Lengths)


With GL Apps - of course!

Add surprising color highlights with the GL Apps. (© Great Lengths)

So professional

GL Apps -
highest quality

GL Apps - smart hair extensions (© Great Lengths)

So easy

GL Apps -
simple to reuse