NUMBER ONE Hair Perfume (© Great Lengths)

Hair Perfume by Great Lengths

Every woman knows it and loves it; we are talking about that seductive freshness after you have been to the hairdresser. With NUMBER ONE, Great Lengths has now introduced the very first HAIR PERFUME that allows you to experience this unique fresh feeling again every single day, over and over again. Great Lengths not only makes the ultimate dream hairstyles and outstanding styling possible; with NUMBER ONE, we are now able to prolong that feeling beyond that moment of happiness when you change your style.

A fragrance that also nourishes - NUMBER ONE develops its long-lasting fragrance from exclusive ingredients such as keratin, peony and lime blossom extract. The extra special factor is that these active ingredients also make your hair softer and shinier, thus providing that extra little bit of care in the meantime.

50 ml contents

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