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MIRAGE - Angelo Seminara's new campaign for Great Lengths (© Great Lengths)


Heat, sand and indescribable colors. Angelo Seminara's new campaign for Great Lengths.
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Great Woman 2017 (© Great Lengths)

Great Woman 2017

For vibrancy, surprise and beauty.
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Extensions 2017 (© Great Lengths)

Great Lengths created the first safe, long lasting hair extension application method. Twenty years ago we introduced the method of bonding between Great Lengths extension strands and the client’s hair. Since then we have made steps forward but the only thing that hasn’t changed is our acclaimed and renown professionalism. Our wide range of hair extensions offers many possibilities.

Great Lengths supreme quality offers:

  • Thick and long hair  
  • Intense and long lasting colors
  • Quality extensions with healthy hair
  • Invisible and comfortable bonds
  • Safe and long lasting bonding with our innovative techniques  
  • Exclusive rights to our partners