MIRAGE by Angelo Seminara

Namibia: heat, sand and indescribable colors. Stunningly beautiful women. Hairstylings that breathe the wind. Colors that reflect the sky. And, extensions that you have never seen before.

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MIRAGE - Angelo Seminara's new campaign for Great Lengths (© Great Lengths)


With his latest collection for Great Lengths Angelo Seminara takes us to the breathtakingly beautiful Namib Desert.

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Unicorn and Rainbow

Different looks in many different colors will come soon!
Unicorn fascinates thanks to its five sensitive pastel colors. And Rainbow goes even further and comes in seven very loud colors.
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GL TAPES - available fall 2017! (© Great Lengths)

Fast Track Luxury

Luxury quality Tape-in Hair Extensions
by Great Lengths.

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The new Lookbook has arrived (© Great Lengths)


Glamorous moments
A gift
Great Lengths
The new LOOKBOOK has arrived! >>

What an amazing ANNIVERSARY weekend!

We had 400 guests who attended the event which including 300 partners from Germany, Switzerland and Austria. This made up a select audience that would join in our anniversary celebrations.  

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Great Lengths USA wins for the 10th year in a row (© Great Lengths)


Great Lengths USA wins the world's biggest
Stylist Choice Award
for the 10th time in a row!

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Hair extensions with real and marvelous hair

Today many women may now have voluminous hair with our extensions. Where does this hair come from? What are the processes that the hair undergoes before reaching our partner hair salons all over the world?

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André Märtens & Boris Entrup (© Great Lengths)

Great Woman 2017

André Märtens & Boris Entrup - Hair and Makeup for the new collection Great Woman 2017.

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Great Woman 2017 - Lookbook 2017 (© Great Lengths)

Feeling alive

See a wealth of looks and play with them.
Whatever you like goes.
For vibrancy, surprise and beauty.

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Great Lengths . The original. (© Great Lengths)

Look for the original.

The Great Lengths logo is now easily visible on all hair sets. So you can be absolutely sure you're actually receiving genuine extensions.

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BIO A + O.E Organic Hair Care (© Great Lengths)

BIO A+0.E.

Professional hair care.
BIO A+O.E. treatments use only natural active ingredients.

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CARING for your hair and extensions

You can have good care of you hair and extension through our experts know-how. Caring is the key to long-lasting extensions. Brushes, shampoo, conditioners, hair masks, super shine hair spray and many other articles are available for you...
Great Lengths hair extensions generally require the same care as your own hair. No more, no less. Brushing, washing and drying: everything is possible specially with no fuss. However, to make it clear: Longer hair and more volume added requires specific demands in terms of care and hair care products. Special considerations were taken while developing our new Great Lengths hair care range and by adding natural active ingredients as the "Pinot Noir" grape Great Lengths is today able to offer suitable products for every need: Shampoos, conditioners, treatments, sprays and finishing products.