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#simplycreative anything is possible with extensions   
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Heat Protection Spray and Volume Care Mousse   
The new Great Lengths collection is here! :  (© Great Lengths)
The new Great Lengths collection is here!    
Hairstyles, colors, shapes with Bonnie Strange:  (© Great Lengths)
Hairstyles, colors, shapes with Bonnie Strange   
The new Great Lengths collection is here!
Great Lengths dreams will come true!
Great Lengths uses the best human hair in the world, has an exclusive de-pigmentation process, and state of the art application technology.
Extensions for thickening and lengthening hair, women’s dream come true.
Great Lengths - WORLDWIDE

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World leaders in human hair extensions for over 20 years.
Made from the finest 100% human hair of guaranteed origin.

Haarverlängerung, nur das beste Haar kommt zur Verwendung!
The dream of voluminous hair with the aid of real hair strands. But where does the hair come from? And what processes do they undergo before they are ready to be used as extensions in partner stores around the world?
There are Hindu temples in the south of India where Indian men and women donate their hair in order to thank their deities and/or ask them for help. The largest as well as the most important temple is the Tirupati Temple located in the north of Chennai. Up to 50,000 believers from across India visit daily to pray and donate their hair. It has always been custom to donate their hair.
HANDCRAFT - The basis for the best quality
Refinement and quality necessiate time. Only healthy, carefully sorted hair comes to Europe and is further processed by Great Lengths in Rome to be used in hair extensions and hair thickening. In order to maintain the hair’s cuticle and therefore ensure hair strands in a unique quality, Great Lengths backs the most gentle procedures combined with handcraft.
PLENTY OF TIME for strength and flexibility
The process of osmosis is particularly important. Here, color pigments are carefully and thoroughly removed from the Indian hair. This process, which would otherwise last just a few hours, takes place over several days with us. This way the hair’s cuticle is completely preserved which ensures that the extensions have a natural radiance, strength and flexibility.
Our hair extensions are easy to comb and care for. Tangles within the extensions can be avoided. Due to the multiple and meticulous selection of the hair all being of the same length, the hair stays smooth and falls naturally. Perfect wearing comfort is ensured due to the invisible, flat bonding applications. The high Great Lengths extension quality is the best premise for every popular styling method such as: blow-drying, straightening, curling, cutting, coloring, etc.
Vollendete Farbenpracht für Ihre Haarverlängerung
Perfect and impeccable colors for your hair extensions
Great Lengths provides more than 50 hair colors: these colors go from beautiful shinny dark brown shades to astonishing natural reds, black and natural looking blondes. Also a range of fashion colors are available. Glitter strands with little Swarovski crystals make great highlights. Get inspired!
Rich, dark colors, whose brilliance gives each hairstyle a special touch. Mellow tints, which conjure up a special luster in the hair, are ideal for the creation of harmonious landscapes of color as our Two-tone strands with the 2-color-effect extensions in one create interesting contrasts, intense and spectacular effects Hair extensions – for the hairstyle that’s somewhat different.
This type of hair extension is characterized by how it runs from dark to light and vice versa.

GLITTER STRANDS with real Swarovski crystals allow special highlight for special occasions.
QUALITY is important to us.
Let one of our Great Lengths worldwide partner salons advise you. Refer to one of them for free consultation; they will be pleased to give you the best advice for an impeccable look. Great Lengths is therefore exclusively available at trained partners.
Tolle Pflege für alle Haartypen
CARING for your hair and extensions
You can have good care of you hair and extension through our experts know-how. Caring is the key to long-lasting extensions. Brushes, shampoo, conditioners, hair masks, super shine hair spray and many other articles are available for you...
Great Lengths hair extensions generally require the same care as your own hair. No more, no less. Brushing, washing and drying: everything is possible specially with no fuss. However, to make it clear: Longer hair and more volume added requires specific demands in terms of care and hair care products. Special considerations were taken while developing our new Great Lengths hair care range and by adding natural active ingredients as the "Pinot Noir" grape Great Lengths is today able to offer suitable products for every need: Shampoos, conditioners, treatments, sprays and finishing products.